Methodology and Cleaning Approach

Our cleaning crew follows a very easy and efficient cleaning approach. All cleanable areas and times that the areas need to be cleaned are discussed and agreed with each cleaner before they start the cleaning contract. They are given charts of daily cleaning schedules, fully stating what needs to be done on a daily basis per area that they are assigned to. They are also given periodic cleaning schedules. These would state which areas need to be cleaned and when. For example, high windows/glazing, deep cleaning of carpets, strip and seal of floors and cleaning of upholstery. They are well trained in all areas that they are expected to perform.

Our approach is that by the time officers starts work most of the cleaning inside the respective offices should be done to minimize disturbances in the offices. Our cleaning crew starts work at 07.30 am. They start with the office interior following the cleaning procedure outlined (but not limited to), their daily cleaning schedules. The cleaners then move to other areas such as hallways, restrooms, kitchen and the exterior surroundings. Tea and refreshments are also served to officers as required.